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Over and out.

Some of the things that I am so over right now (by no means an exhaustive list): 

  • cold weather
  • cold wind
  • cold rain
  • snow
  • cats throwing up on new carpet
  • cats climbing the Christmas tree
  • cats chewing on packages and bows
  • cats sleeping on top of the packages
  • cats hissing at each other
  • cats knocking over the water dish
  • mopping my kitchen floor multiple times in one day
  • the piles of crap in my spare bedroom
  • Christmas stamps coming in books of 20 when I have 24 cards to mail
  • Facebook wonkyness
  • Miley Cyrus
  • did I mention the crap in my spare bedroom? 
  • the fact that there seem to be not enough hours in my day
  • trying to load crap into the back of my car while it’s cold/raining/snowing/windy/any/all of the above
  • my never-ending to-do list
  • the cycle of buy-it-take-it-back

I think tonight would be a good night for a glass of wine and a stupid movie. 

— Mox

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