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Ten invitations went out.  NO ONE called, although I did actually talk in person to three parents, two of whom said yes, their children were coming, and one whose child had another committment (boy scouts, pffft).  NO ONE else bothered to contact me.  Not even after I had made phone calls and talked to their stupid answering machines.

And how many do you think came to the party?

Four.  Count that out.  One.  Two.  Three.  FOUR.    This does not include one who said they were coming who didn’t come after all.

Four out of ten is a 40% return.

(Yes, I am still talking about this.  I have talked about nothing else for two weeks now amongst my friends and family.  Because it just irritates me so.)

I have tried to gently explain to Spawn that this will be the last year Mama will put up with this nonsense, that all the kids in the peer group are living busier and busier lives and not everyone will be able to come to a party.  And Spawn has responded with essentially sticking fingers in the ears and saying la-la-la-Ican’thearyou.

I suppose the reason it haunts me so is that it feels like a judgement.  And maybe it’s really not, it’s just my overactive imagination, but I do realize that with the issues Spawn lives with there is a lag in maturity level when compared to peers.  It doesn’t help that the kid doesn’t have any siblings to help galvanize emotions and reactions.  Kids just don’t want to hang around a kid who is emotionally a couple of years behind the curve.

And kids are like that, I get that, but what I don’t get is why the parents don’t use this as a teachable moment, that we don’t shit on others just because they’re not like us.

I dunno.  Maybe it’s just me.  Except, I don’t want to believe that it’s just me, since we go to this hotsy-totsy private Catholic school where they talk/teach all day long about doing unto others.  Somebody isn’t getting the memo.

Look, fifth grade is hard enough, what with the uptick in teacher expectations and all.  Spawn is really struggling with that.  Parent-teacher conferences this year were painful.  Then there’s the whole business of “popular kids” and “unpopular kids.”  I’ll let you hazard a guess as to which group Spawn is in.

It hurts me, as Spawn’s mom.  And it makes me angry.  Yes, kids will be kids and kids can be cruel, but who is raising these kids?  Where the hell are the adults in this scenario?

I suppose I should be thankful for the 40% turnout we had.  It would be a helluva sight easier to do if some of these purported grown-ups had just done the right thing and called their hostess to start with and beg off.  If you’re coming, great.  If you’re not, please own up to it.  My feelings (and those of my child) will be much less hurt if I know, going in, who to expect.

The way I was raised prohibits me from going all ape-shit on these people, but it does not prohibit me from spewing invective all over my anonymous blog.  I am sorry you must witness this, and someday I hope to be past it.  Until then….


— Mox



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Oh, y’all, why do I do this to myself?

I loathe giving a party.  Loathe.  And the reason I loathe it is because no one has the common sense or decency or proper manners to respond to a RSVP.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, I have already covered this.  But people don’t know what to do with an RSVP.

As far as the rest of the party stuff, it’s a piece of cake compared to getting someone, anyone, to commit to coming.  Decorations?  Food?  Games and activities?  Those, I all enjoy doing and planning for.

Spawn is having a Halloween party this year.  Against my better judgement, I said yes to this — knowing that at the 11th hour I would be having a nervous breakdown about the RSVP part.

Spawn is not what you’d call a social butterfly, so the guest list for any party is usually pretty small.  How I wish the kid would invite more kids to these things, because at least then the law of averages would get me a fair sized count.  But the list is usually small for us, and therefore, if I don’t hear from anyone I really get anxious.

I don’t understand how people in good conscience can leave a host(ess) hanging like that.  I mean, there is food to buy, for one thing.  But just the flat-out rudeness of people to not even acknowledge the invite one way or another, well, that really gets my hackles up.  How would these people feel if their child invited people to a party and then no one responded?  Don’t they think their kid would wonder if anyone was coming?

My project this evening has been to call each of the invitees and ask if they are coming.  I’ve talked to a lot of answering machines.  I am quite annoyed.  The fact that I am calling and following up when clearly I should not have to do so is not helping matters any.

I hate to lower the boom on my kid, but I think this may be the last year I put up with this nonsense.


— Mox


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Pretty much says it all.






Our annual fall break/family vacation is fixing to commence.  I have a feeling the question will be “who let the dogs out” before it’s all over with.



— Mox

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Turns out, my life has more ups, downs, twists, turns, and whatnot than your average world class roller coaster.

And I have discovered Pinterest. Holy smokes that’s a lot of fun.

— Mox

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