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Backwards and Forwards

Hey, guess what y’all?  It’s December 31st.  You know what that means:  time for Mox’s annual not-resolutions! 

1.  Eat better chocolate

2.  Get regular massages

So far, so good.  I believe in making promises to yourself that you can keep. 

Goals for 2008:

3.  New furniture. 

4.  Sell more than I buy on eBay. 

5.  Save more money out of each paycheck. 

6.  Get back to the gym with some regularity. 

I do not hold out any hope that I will become a better person in 2008.  I think I’m about as good as I’m going to get, and I don’t say that to brag.  It’s just that I don’t have the desire for self-improvement at this point.  Maybe I’m content or maybe I’m just lazy.  Hard to tell the difference. 

See you sometime after the first. 

— Mox

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A rare Sunday post from me, folks. 

So next weekend, my husband and I are taking a little trip, just the two of us, to a warm and beachy location.  My parents are going to attempt to remember what it’s like to have to care for a six-year-old who needs to get up early and go to school and then come home and do homework.  Fun should be had by all.  Though somehow I think my husband and I will have the balance of the fun. 

While the weekend after New Years’ is traditionally when I take down my Christmas decorations, I won’t have that luxury next weekend.  So I’m trying to do it today.  And Spawn is underfoot every possible second.  Oh the tragedy of the only child, with no one to play with. 

I don’t mean to be short tempered with the kid but my patience has officially run out for shenanigans.  The only reason I have enough peace to write this right now is that I popped some popcorn for the kid and turned on the TV.  That should buy me half an hour, at least. 

Oooh am I in a mood, folks.  A mood to pitch stuff wholesale out the door.  Every year I tell myself that I will hit the after-Christmas sales and snap up decorations for 75% off, and every year I try and fail.  Mostly what’s left after the holiday is picked over and sad and tired and frankly, by that point I have had it with the whole thing.  So I don’t buy anything, and the next year I make the same promise to myself when I open up the box of decorations and see what sad and pitiful things await me.  It’s a vicious cycle but it’s mine. 

One thing that has changed is my tendency to let go of things that are just flat-out past their prime.  Our Great Basement Flood of 2006 taught me that little trick.  It was the perfect excuse to eliminate stuff, because the stuff was ruined.  And you know what, once you start pitching stuff it’s hard to stop.  So now my new goal every Christmas season is to get rid of the stuff I’m not using anymore.  I feel pretty good about that. 

So hey — momentary peace and quiet and the urge to purge.  Guess I’d better take advantage of that and post this thing. 

— Mox

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Deep in the land of blah

Nothing like the ol’ post-holiday letdown to jolt you back into reality. 

On Christmas evening, I started coming down with a cold.  Right now my head feels like a champagne cork, dense and under pressure. 

I do believe Spawn was pleased with the haul that Santa brought.  The kid has hardly looked up from the Leapster in three days.  I’m finding myself saying things like “pause the game and go brush your teeth!” 

Soon we’ll have another year for the books and I must say that on the whole, 2007 wasn’t too bad of a year.  I actually feel almost hopeful about 2008, which is a nice change from how the end of the year has felt in the past. 

And hey, we’re past the Winter Solstice, so now the days can start getting longer again.  Nowhere to go from here except up, right? 

Lots of disjointed thoughts right now.  I blame the most excellent cold drugs. 

— Mox

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… a 20″ LCD HD TV.  With an integrated DVD. 

My God.  We are now a two-TV family. 

— Mox

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The bad news is, my email is still down. 

The good news is, it’s nothing I’ve done. 

The bad news is, our IT guy can’t fix it because it’s got something to do (he thinks) with our ISP. 

And we’ve got a four-day weekend ahead of us. 

Oh joy. 

So hey!  How about some pictures? 


Our Christmas tree.  Waiting for the mother lode of packages generally delivered by Santa’s Chief Helper, my mother. 


The fireplace, where Santa enters in order to leave a wealth of toys, since his Chief Helper couldn’t get it all in one trip.  Yes, we’ll take the screen down so he can get in.  He always makes such a mess, though. 


Our circa 1962 Nativity set.  It belonged to my parents.  I think they paid $2 for the whole thing.  I like it better than any of the others I’ve seen out there. 

Merry Christmas, y’all. 

— Mox

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It’s little things.

When I was a kid, my dad’s mom would sometimes cook supper in a pressure cooker.  Now, I wouldn’t know where to start with a pressure cooker, but that little woman could whip up some vittles with that thing.  She always cautioned me to stay out of the kitchen when she was using it, in case it blew up.  (Hm, come to think of it, that may be one of the reasons cooking isn’t one of my favorite things.  Things can blow up.  No thank you.)  But I remember the sound it would make, when the valve on the top would start to rattle. 

And that is precisely the sound that is forming in my head right now.  Because my email is down. 

You don’t realize how accustomed you are to having email until you don’t have email.  It’s like missing a limb.  Oh, yes, I’d love to knit you a sweater/sign that check/dribble a basketball but I seem to be missing my right arm.  So sorry. 

So yeah.  I’m a little tense right now. 

I’ve been doing fairly well, I think, with the customary daily irritations that have happened as of late.  A partial list: 

  • Ordered a new swimsuit and coverup and discovered that while I had ordered a small size in the swimsuit the company had decided to ship me a 2X coverup.  Plus the top wasn’t what I had ordered. 
  • Sent that order back and made a new order, which as you would know ended up being more expensive the second time around, because the top I ended up ordering was more expensive than the first one I ordered, because it had special attributes.  (which is to say, The Girls need a little help staying in their proper position) 
  • Followed up on a claim filed with a shipping company for an item that I received broken and found that they had settled the claim with the shipper, but the shipper hadn’t bothered to settle with me. 
  • Called my credit card company to dispute that particular charge and got to talk to somebody in Bombay, which goes all through my central nervous system for many reasons, some of them quite personal. 
  • Coming in late for work this morning, I seemed to be behind a legion of leisurely drivers.  Who had to stop to make a right-hand turn.  Of course. 

Now, I know that none of this stuff will cause the world to end, but you put  malfunctioning email on top of all those little irritations and what you get is a woman whose head is about to explode. 

I foresee something with salt around the rim in my future. 

— Mox

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I like simple gifts.

Behold, my new built-in, custom made bookcases.  Built by my 72-year-old father, who was bored one day after Thanksgiving and decided he’d make me a Christmas gift. 


My dad gives good gifts, no? 

— Mox

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