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It’s cold. 

I do not like cold. 

Yesterday it rained all day long, a cold, lashing rain that bit at your nose and fingers and feet.  It was not until I took a long soak in a tub of hot water that I finally warmed up. 

And the kicker is, it’s not even really all that cold yet.  Certainly not cold enough for snow.  Which to my mind is plenty damn cold. 

Every year on our trip south, we manage to pick up a handful of real estate magazines.  They keep us thinking warm thoughts all winter, looking at the photos and indulging in daydreams that we could afford multimillion dollar properties.  It’s called Whatever Gets You Through. 

Reality, of course, bites. 

Because I like to complain about the cold, I at least can keep myself occupied for the balance of the year. 

— Mox

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