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I don’t have to tell you that times are tough all over.  Times are so tough all over that not only have my daily work hours been reduced by management, I’ve gotten a complete and whole day off in addition.  Which, at this time of year, is not unwelcome, really. 

The challenge, of course, is to not let that day off get eaten up with honeydos.  This is harder than one might expect. 

First of all, when people find out you have a day off, they have no problem asking you to do things for them.  Ordinarily I don’t mind, particularly if I’m going to be out and about anyway, but the challenge is to not let those additional things take up a greater portion of your time than your own stuff.   Because there’s a real risk of losing yourself in the process. 

Fortunately, I’m pretty good at being selfish. 

My day off yesterday coincided with a hair appointment, and I decided that would be my theme for the day:  All About Me. 

And it looked like this:

  1. gym
  2. massage
  3. hair appointment
  4. the mall
  5. movie

 Plus the fact that my husband was out of town last night, so I finished my lovely All About Me Day off with a long hot soak in the tub, for which I drained the hot water tank. 

I didn’t do one diddly-damn thing for anyone else yesterday and it felt wonderful

Hey, my theory is this:  sometimes you just gotta take the bull by the horns and do things for yourself.  Lord knows no one else is going to do it for you. 

— Mox

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