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Summer continues unabated here in Podunk, replete with sky-high temps and no rain.  It’s been so hot here that we’ve resorted to renting movies and staying indoors rather than brave a day at the pool.  When it’s too hot to go to the pool, it’s too hot.  And the fact that I, a hot weather lover, am saying it’s too hot… well, it’s too hot.  My flowers are all pretty crispy by this point.

I’ve made the big shift in my work life, beginning the extrication process from my job of 20+ years.  It’s been a little bittersweet, considering the circumstances.  But since I now have a car payment to deal with, it’s necessary.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a winning lottery ticket.  I wouldn’t even need to hit the powerball, just let me hit the rest of the numbers and give me several hundred thousand.  Would certainly put salve in a few wounds.  At any rate, the new gig is okay, the people are nice, and the work isn’t too taxing.  It tends to be a bit tedious at times, but when you’re a part-timer, you are also a beggar, and beggars can’t be choosers, don’t you know.

Spawn has had an amazing summer thus far.  A week of sleep-away camp, and several weeks of nature daycamp, plus lots of lying around in front of the TV, playing with the dog, and hanging with friends.  I could live like this forever.  Taking the kid off medication has been great — improved appetite, improved attitude.  We’ve only given the kid the medication on the weeks of camp, where focus and attention are required, and I can honestly say I can tell the difference.  A lot of parents will say that their main concern with ADHD meds is that it will alter their child’s personality, and they find that it doesn’t.  I beg to differ.  I’ve even mentioned this to Spawn’s doctor, how much more agreeable the kid is when we’re med-free.  And what’s more, Spawn has started to resist the meds, too, questioning taking them.  I’m in a bit of a quandary about it, but past experience of friends with children who have gone down this path tells me that the cusp of puberty is pretty typical for this reevaluation.

School starts here in about three weeks.  My annual dreading of the first day of school has arrived right on schedule.  Add my reticence about the meds into this and my head is about to explode.  And I haven’t even begun to look at the school supply lists yet.

Bright spot?  Starting school so damned early means that at least we get a week of break in October, during which we will go to the beach.  October at the beach is perfection.

And speaking of puberty – or as Spawn’s doctor has dubbed it, “teenager disease” –  things are happening.  I’ve noticed a few small physical changes, and the kid’s appetite has been through the roof, and my early-bird has taken to sleeping in (meaning, past 6:30).  And the heavy sighing and eyerolling — oh my.  I’m trying to maintain a certain amount of perspective about it, even trying to see the humor in it, but it also makes me a little maudlin.  Just last week, we took Spawn’s first pair of roller skates (quads) to a sports consignment store and traded them in for a pair of roller blades.  Because roller blades are cooler than regular roller skates, and the kid’s foot has grown two sizes, anyway.

The end of this week will bring my biennial family reunion.  And true to form, I have been looking forward to it for so long that I’m almost sad it’s here.  Then I won’t get to see my far-flung relatives again for two more years, barring any funerals.  Which may become an issue.  The older folks are getting pretty feeble.  But for four days we will be all together (most of us), and we will be eating and drinking and playing horseshoes and golf and laying by the pool and going to the casino and taking wine tours and going horseback riding and bowling and go-karting and boy I really wish I could bottle it.

Summer, despite all of its’ challenges, tends to make me greedy for more.  There is a relaxed attitude in summer that I find is most closely related to my natural state.  I particularly enjoy not having to adhere to a rigid schedule — we eat when we’re hungry, sleep when we’re tired.  Sometimes I count a day of swimming as good enough for a bath.  And if I want to eat ice cream at 9pm and call it dinner, so be it.  What’s not to love?

— Mox

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