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One of the things about this office move of ours is that we’re having to adjust to sharing our space with a number of strangers.  For one thing, the restrooms are public domain, and I find I’m having to reach back into my file for the unwritten rules of communal property.  These files were last accessed during my college dorm days, and you know what?  The golden rule still applies. 

The ladies’ restroom has a courtesy can of Oust on the sink shelf, as well as a courtesy bottle of hand lotion.  You would think that with all the courtesy within the Inner Sanctum, people would also treat you to a courtesy flush.  Listen, if it’s yellow, I don’t need it to mellow.  I’m having a hard enough time with sharing the facilities with total strangers without someone just being flat-out gross.  That sort of thing weirds me out a lot more now than it did in my college days. 

Better things have happened, too.  Smells tend to waft through the air ducts, so at any time we may be treated to the aroma of brewing coffee or fresh hot popcorn.  Yesterday I caught the unmistakable scent of coconut.  It’s a little strange, to smell these scents and not know where they came from. 

We’re also sharing space with those outside, too.  My center office window has been splashed several times with a large quantity of bird poo.  Lovely.  Since we’re in the tallest building in our city’s skyline, it’s not surprising.  Not terribly attractive, but not surprising.  I finally spotted the culprit, though, while I was watching out my window during a lengthy phone call this morning.  A falcon.  There must be an aerie somewhere above me.  Funny, I’d sort of noticed the absence of pigeons around here. 

I also find myself using hand sanitizer a lot more than before.  I have a bottle in my desk, in my purse, and in my car.  I never know who’s been handling the drive-thru tube at the bank, touching the elevator buttons, or grabbing door handles with unwashed hands.  One thing’s for sure, the marketing and scare tactics of today’s world has made me more aware of the little invisible nasties in this world.  And I’m not sure if the germs have gotten more powerful or if we’ve made our personal worlds more sterile and therefore more susceptible. 

I try not to be weird about stuff but sometimes it’s hard.

— Mox

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