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If you spend any time out in public you will eventually see people doing things that are just flat-out rude.  And if you commute you will see it with alarming regularity.  I don’t know what’s happened to common courtesy in this day and age, but for the most part it’s gone by the wayside. 

Maybe you don’t see anything wrong with jerking over into the next lane of traffic without so much as a courtesy blink from your signal.  Maybe you’re one of those people who drive and talk, and the more you talk the slower you drive.  Or maybe you’re one of those people who gets out in that left lane and piddle-pokes along, alongside another car, matching that car’s speed, completely oblivious to the parade that is forming behind you. 

If any of this sounds familiar to you, let me make a request.  Don’t be that person. 

And while we’re on the subject of How Not To Behave, let me make another request, this one of the pedestrian variety:  if you are a smoker, please take your smoky habit far away from building entrances. 

Look.  I am not a smoker.  I’ve never even tried it.  I never thought it looked cool.  I never liked kissing a guy who smoked.  My dad smoked when I was a kid and he had some health problems due to the habit, and they were pretty scary, and he quit cold turkey.  So yeah, I never had the desire, the curiosity, the need to rebel in that way.  Now, if you do smoke, and continue to choose to smoke, for whatever the reason, I give you a pass.  You’re not a dummy, I’m sure.  You’ve probably heard all the bad stuff about it and have made the decision to keep on doing this thing.  Your call.  Totally up to you. 

But here’s the thing:  you can be a smoker and not be an ass about it. 

To be sure, I like to sit in a bar and have a drink and shoot the shit with my bar buddies as much as anyone.  And I’ve had the dubious pleasure of sitting next to a good many smokers because of this.  I’d say about 90% of those who sit in a bar and light one up are fairly cognizant that there are people (like me) who don’t smoke and don’t want to breathe their smoke.  I’ve had lots of people switch their smoking hand to the one away from me, and blow their smoke in the opposite direction, because they are polite.  Which is to say, not an ass about it. 

But these people who have to stand outside and take their smoke break during the average work day (you know who you are) are the ones who really get to me.  Okay, so you have to go outside where it’s 30 degrees to get your fix.  I’m not unsympathetic to your plight.  I don’t want to stand around out in the cold, either.  But for you to stand there in the general vicinity of the door and blow your smoke around so that everyone passing through gets to enjoy your cigarette, well, that’s rude. 

I’ll say it again.  Don’t be that person. 

— Mox

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