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Northwest Territories, Canada, about a year ago.  Air temp:  -22°. 

It’s nowhere near -22° here and if it were I wouldn’t be standing around outside performing this little trick, despite how amazed Spawn would be.  If it were -22° here I’d never get out of bed.  I mean, what would be the point?  As it is, I have enough to deal with trying to keep the outside cats’ water bowl filled and flowing with our measly little barely-below-freezing air temps.  Minus 22°?  Without even factoring in wind chill?  Nope.  I am as far north as I ever intend to live. 

That said, we are expecting another 3-6″ of snow sometime tomorrow.  At this rate the kids won’t learn anything until sometime in March.  I know that those of you in snowier climes are all “pfft” about 3-6″ of snow, but around here school gets cancelled for much less.  Hell, they’d cancel for a heavy frost if it made the roads a little slick.  We’re just not equipped to deal with it, mentally, emotionally, or mechanically. 

I was okay with the snow we had for Christmas, which is the one time per year that I actually want snow.  Once Christmas was over I was ready for the return of 70° and sunny.  Just sayin’. 

For about nine months out of the year the weather here is good, but for some reason the other three months (during which the weather is mostly crap) seem so much longer. 

— Mox

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