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This weekend is my 25th year high school reunion.  I am not going. 

My track record thus far has been not to go to any of these things, save for the ten-year reunion, to which I was guilted into going to by a very dear friend and classmate who came all the way from Florida to go.  That friend is in Alabama on business this week so I doubt he’ll come this year.  So, you know, whew

I don’t harbor a lot of ill will towards my classmates.  I don’t style myself as the clichéd misunderstood goth girl or whatever, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t feel a sense of belonging with my class.  In a mega high school with a class of 527, how could anyone? 

I simply do not care about it. 

Oh, in a way I’d love to be one of those people who are so very excited to be coming to our little hometown for this shindig, to see people I haven’t seen or thought about in 25 years, but somehow I cannot muster the emotion.  It could be because I still live here in Podunk and here there is nothing new under the sun.  Or it could be that the people I’d really want to see are the ones who aren’t coming, either. 

Our senior class president owns and runs a bar here in town.  Friday night’s kickoff will be located there.  Bloated bodies, bad lighting, and booze.  Oh to be a fly on the wall. 

My husband and I will instead be out of town for the weekend.  We’ve been invited to a wedding at a resort location a couple of hours away from here, and the lure of Spawn-at-the-grandparents and some uninterrupted private time is just too strong.  It’s all priorities, folks. 

Sometime in October, however, a group of us from my sorority are trying to pull together a reunion back in our old college town and I am plenty jazzed about that.  These are people I chose to spend my time with, as opposed to being thrown together just because we all happened to be born somewhere about the same time.  Some I haven’t seen since the day I graduated.  Some I’ve missed and wondered about.  It will be good to touch base. 

I’ve tried to reconcile my feelings about the two reunions, and the only thing I can conclude is that in a lot of ways, I have never left high school. 

— Mox

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