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The Tin (wo)Man is rusty. 

When I signed myself up for this thing called the GRE (that’s Graduate Record Exam for the uninitiated) I honestly thought, “Pshaw, piece of cake.” 

And my words have come back to bite me in the ass.

I took some of the practice tests offered online and the carnage was unspeakable.  If I ever felt stupid before, it paled in comparison to the stupid I felt after that. 

Funny how spending nearly 20 years writing advertising copy can pretty much decimate that part of your brain that held all the big words.  Because big words?  Unless you’re writing tech copy to inform the techy masses, big words have no place in advertising copy.  Big words do not work when you are speaking to John Q. Public, and JQP is pretty much a third grader. 

Which brings me to Problem Number Two:  math. 

Of course it should go without saying that I majored in English in college because it was as diametrically opposed to math as I could possibly get.  My last math class, Algebra, was taken during my sophomore year of college and I squeaked through it with a C, after studying my ass off for the final.  It satisfied my general ed requirement and allowed me to move on.  Ten-plus years later, I found myself struggling with pretty basic math as I helped Spawn with third grade math homework.  Did you know that they start working on pre-Algebra concepts in third grade nowadays?  I did not.  I do now. 

Since it seems I am destined to follow Spawn through school, having to learn the current curriculum and then helping the kid master it during homework time, perhaps I would be better off waiting until Spawn has some high school Algebra and Geometry before I attempt taking this GRE thing. 

Ohmigod, y’all.  It’s bad. 

It’s going to cost me $50 to change my test date, but I don’t see any other way to improve my potential score.  I need the time to study, and to maybe get myself a math tutor, one who will attempt an archeological dig on my brain to discover where all that stuff I learned in Algebra and Geometry has been buried.  I mean, I just don’t know how to solve for x anymore.  Ask me to solve for xy and see my brain start to spark and smoke.  It’s quite a sight. 

So the radio silence will most likely continue a bit longer. 

— Mox

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