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today's happy grocery store find

I am a big fan of summer brews.  To me, beer is best enjoyed when the ambient temperature is above 75°, balanced by the ice-coldness of the brew.  I drink beer almost exclusively all summer. 

Oh, sure, there’s Oktoberfest and all that and that’s fine, but by that point I am beginning to slide into my annual funk, brought on by approaching cold weather.  Fall and winter are wine seasons for me. 

To me, beer = summer. 

Perhaps it’s a reflection of my southern, country upbringing, taking swigs of my dad’s cold Pabst Blue Ribbon at the end of a summer day, after he finished mowing the grass.  My mother would always squawk at his allowing me a sip of his beer — and probably she thought it would make me develop an early taste for it, which did not happen — but the feel of that can in my hand, the magic hoppy smell of the beer, the way the carbonation cut through the dust in my throat… aaah.  Kool-aid just can’t compete with that. 

To tell the truth, I didn’t particularly like beer all that much until my junior year of college.  But the beer was free at the frats and otherwise I had to buy my own beverage and, well, a college student only has so much money.  So I developed a taste for it, though I was the sort to nurse a cup of beer all night, and by the end of the evening I couldn’t wait to pour what was left of my warm, flat beer into the bushes as I was leaving.  Kegs are a waste of money and effort, is all I’m saying. 

As I got older I got more discerning, particularly since I was able to finance my own buzz.  There are certain brands of beer that I prefer, and though I like Clydesdales I am not a fan of the supposed “king” of beers.  It’s a little yuppie of me but I like a microbrew or a craft beer, and I am particularly fond of just about anything that has a crisp finish.  All of these go well with hot wings, cheese fries, and pizza. 

I do love me some summer. 

— Mox

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