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I noticed something as I was walking into the gym today.  Most everyone headed into the building at the same time all had white hair or canes, or was otherwise moving very slowly. 

This is what it has come to, folks.  I have scratched the surface of geriatrica.  What with my bum knee and various achy parts, I feel right at home. 

Most people at my gym have the sort of schedule that allows them to do their workouts at 7:45 in the morning.  They’ve been up since 4am, this is late for them.  For me, it’s early. 

My gym has a warm water therapy pool, which is essentially a mega-giant hot tub, big enough for short laps or to host an arthritis class.  My mother uses the pool to take some of the pressure off her swelling joints.  I like to use it just to float around in some seriously warm water, which is pleasantly draining and allows me to sleep like the dead. 

The ladies also really don’t give a rip what they look like in a swimsuit.  Will I ever reach that point?  Dunno.   I mean, sure, my body is rapidly morphing into a Weeble, but right now I’m fighting it with everything I can throw at it.  I’d like to be that little old lady who still has it (meaning, no knit pants or banded bottom tops or orthopedic shoes), regardless of what genetics has in store for me.  (I’ve seen it.  It ain’t pretty.) 

I will have to say, though, that some of the gray-haired group can flat-out outwork my ass on the weight machines.  I’ll come through to work on my favorite machines and it amazes me the weight levels some of these folks are pushing.  I mean, I’ve got to take it down a few notches, since I don’t want to throw my back out. 

Sure, I can move a lot faster than the lot of them, but they shame me with their tenacity and stamina.  But they also show me what’s possible. 

— Mox

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