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So my boss was telling me about this arthritis remedy. 

Golden raisins soaked in gin. 

I said, “That sounds like a remedy I can get behind.” 

Do I have arthritis?  It’s debatable.  It’s probably more of an overdoing it at the gym. 

How it works, if it works, I don’t know.  But hey, I’m willing to try it as long as the gin holds out. 

It would seem there is a good bit more booze consumption going on around here.  It’s true, we tend to drink more when it’s warm out.  I’m a big fan of an ice cold beer after yard work.  And the longer days encourage us to sit outside rather than in front of the TV/computer.  Which, as you know, is an activity made all the more pleasant with the occasional adult beverage in hand. 

Whatever works, is my motto. 

— Mox

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