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I have come to the conclusion, yet again, that I am happier with short hair. 

Every now and then I get the notion to let my hair grow out.  However, after having worn my hair short for 20+ years, I always find it to be a pain to deal with once it gets past a certain point.  This time I let it get as far as my collar.  The constant feeling of having to brush my hair out of my collar was just too much. 

The main reason I try to grow it out periodically, besides the boredom that all women experience with their hair, is the fact that when my hair is short I really, really look like my mother.  Now, I love my mother, wholeheartedly, and I favor her in looks and body shape, quite a bit.  But I am apparently still something of a teenager and don’t want to be exactly like her, 100%. 

Yesterday I reached the tipping point with my hair.  I have a very thick mane and when it gets long, there is a LOT of hair to deal with.  If I wanted to wash it every single morning — and who has time for that? — I could hack the longer hairstyle I was attempting.  It would always look great on the days I washed it, but one night of sleeping on it and the next day there was nothing I could do with it.  So yesterday, with the thermometer approaching 60+°, I told my hairdresser to cut it all back short again. 

This morning it was a breeze to fix my hair and get out the door.  Glory be! 

I am waiting patiently for the day when I have the nerve to cut it as short as Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair. 

— Mox

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