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What other way could I explain it except to say that? 

Picture it:  on Friday, the sun came out.  When I went out to run my errands I had to come out of my coat.  It’s been so long since it was above freezing here that 40° felt remarkably warm.  I even went to pick Spawn up from school in a tee and fleece pullover.  Saturday was even better.  I didn’t even take my coat off the peg.  62° that day.  Sunday dawned with thin, high clouds, and made it all the way up to 65°.  My husband did yard work. 

Yesterday, Monday, it all came crashing down.  By the time Spawn got out of school yesterday it was barely above the freezing mark.  Today, I walked out of the gym and got hit in the face with icy little snow pellets. 

Not my idea of a good time, y’all. 

It didn’t take long for my blood to thin out over the weekend, and now I’m freezing all. the. time.  Unless I’m in a hot shower. 

The kids have missed so much school that all the snow days built into the calendar, except one, have been used.  The school board, in their infinite wisdom, has been considering what to do if we have more than one more snow day.  The idea of having school on Saturdays has been floated.  You can guess how well that idea has been received. 

That’s just crazy talk. 

I am beginning to count down the days until the official beginning of Spring.  Around here we are winter-weary and very ready for better days. 

— Mox


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