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This is going to be a strange, strange week, folks. 

I may have mentioned here once or twice (or about a thousand times) that I am a routine kind of person.  I like having a routine.  I like knowing that B follows A, without fail, every day.  Keeps me from having to think too much about the mundane parts of my day.  That way I can get on with the stuff that interests me. 

I know that some of you out there are not as in love with mundaneness and routines and all that stuff, and you are precisely the kind of people who make me crazy.  My husband is one of those types.  His personality is such that he could fly by the seat of his pants every day for the rest of his life and be perfectly happy with that.  What can I say?  Yin, meet Yang. 

But this week is going to be a bit light on routine, mostly because I am out of work.  My days are free. 

I am hopeful that this is short-lived.  I’m not jobless, exactly, but I am damned close.  My boss is out of town for the week and we have absolutely nothing to do, no work on the books.  (Damn economy.)  So instead of going in to the office and racking up hours for which there is no billing to be had, and therefore no pay to be had, I am fiddle-farting around at home. 

This is what the beginning of madness looks like. 

A survival instinct has kicked in, somewhat.  My plans for the week include hitting the gym every day and not rushing through my workout.  Spawn’s school is gearing up for the used book sale next month, so I will be doing some gleaning of books here at the house and at the houses of friends, and also giving my time to the cause.  And yes, I am also going to be out and about with a stack of resumes.  At this point I am less interested in a career than I am in keeping the household budget in the black.  Not exactly what employers want to hear but it is what it is. 

On the upside, this might be the week I finally get organized. 

— Mox


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