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I think it’s fairly safe to say that I have lost what little is left of my mind, and the rest of me is frozen. 

Tired of hearing about the weather yet?  I know I am. 

So today was yet another snow day, and since this is Mardi Gras that means that the kids did not get to have their party today at school.  It also means that I have a 16″ King Cake sitting on the kitchen table that I must find some way of disposing of, ideally by tomorrow.  I’ll make coffee if you want to come over and have a piece.  If you get the baby it’s all up to you next year.  I’m done. 

I hate to be unproductive, so when faced with a string of days where I’m essentially homebound, I start doing the Happy Homemaker routine.  I am not good at this, just so you know.  One of the things I do when I am seeking something productive to do is go through my pantry.  My pantry is always something of a treasure hunt, and I always seem to find odd things tucked in the corners.  Obviously I’ve bought these things with a purpose in mind, though some of the time I can’t recall what that purpose was.  Irish steel cut oats, for example.  I remember reading that they were tastier and better for you than regular oats, and miles more nutritious than the instant oats (which I tend to favor), and I also recall a day spent in search of them.  When you end up at a specialty grocer, it’s a sign you’ve gone too far.  I bought a tin of them (authentic!  they come in a tin!) and made a batch and you know what?  I do not particularly like Irish steel cut oats.  And I have most of a tin left over.  What the hell am I going to do with it? 

Another thing plumbed from the depths of my pantry is a jar of organic almond butter.  We’re not big peanut butter fans here, so I bought the almond butter (at an insane price) with the idea that maybe Spawn would eat it and I could get some protein into the kid.  Think again.  So I found a recipe online for almond butter bread and that is what I have spent a portion of my afternoon working on.  Lesson there is:  I do not make good bread. 

I always feel a little bit guilty that I am not the kind of mom that can whip up great and interesting things to do on a snow day.  I know I could be spending some “quality time” with the kid, but Spawn is pretty content manufacturing entertainment that doesn’t include me.  There is probably a little too much TV/Nintendo/computer time in that equation, but we have already worked every puzzle we own, played quite a few board/card games, made homemade playdough, worked on art projects, and played with the cats.  I’ve even made the kid do a few household chores, just for some variety.  One thing we haven’t done, despite repeated requests, is go sledding.  Because the temperature out there includes a wind chill in the teens, my answer to that is OHELLNO. 

My brain has started to liquefy and run out my ears. 

— Mox

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