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Seriously? Seriously.

President’s Day.  A day we should have had off from school, but instead a day that was pressed into service as a makeup day for snow days missed earlier. 

This morning, this was the view across the street from my house: 

the woods are lovely, dark and deep...

So guess what?  A snow day!  To be made up at a later date!  And I got up with my alarm at 5:30 anyway!  Hooray! 

At this rate we’ll be going to school until Kingdom Come. 

Spawn doesn’t mind too awful much to miss the day, of course.  As long as the cable holds out (it went out for a bit earlier today and caused a mild panic) we’re good.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a school-wide Mardi Gras party (for which I have ordered — and paid for — a King Cake), but even though the streets in town are in relatively good shape I sincerely doubt there will be school tomorrow.  And once Ash Wednesday gets here there’s no going back, party-wise.  With it being Lent and all.  You know.  Time for spiritual reflection and all that. 

Well.  I, for one, am not letting this latest round grind me down.  With the ferocious wind that came with this latest system, my car looked like an abstract snow sculpture, so I went out with a broom and cleaned it off and started it up.  I am leaving this house today, if it is the last act I commit on this earth. 



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