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Hallelujah the kids went back to school today! 

Let me tell you, Susie Homemaker I am not.  That constant cycle of hausfrau-ness — cooking, cleaning, laundry — is just not where it’s at for me.  While I like an organized house I don’t really get that afterglow that comes with clean baseboards and neatly folded towels. 

But let me tell you, I made a pot roast last night that would have knocked your socks off.  How good was it?  Spawn gave me numerous appreciative comments throughout dinner while inhaling just about everything on the plate.  When you are a parent to the Pickiest Kid On Earth, this is a knock-it-out-of-the-park home run. 

And hey, on the up side, I got the bulk of my eBay listings put up yesterday.  Go me!

There is a certain amount of “yay!” that comes with having a snow day, but at some point that “yay!” is more like “boo!” and we have not only reached that point but have surpassed it.  I’m pretty enamoured of my routine and when it gets upended like this I start to get antsy.  For starters, my intent is to hit the machines at the gym three days a week, and when you’re faced with snow it’s hard enough to get out and about, much moreso when you have a school-ager who’s out of school.  Kids are not allowed in the weight room at the gym (with good reason), and Spawn is too old to put into the daycare at the gym and yet too young to make use of the youth center, which kind of stinks because they have all sorts of cool stuff in there.  So that forces me to stay home.  At this rate I may never rediscover my abs. 

And then there’s the TV.  I’m all for TV when it’s, say, 6am on a Saturday and Mama wants to sleep in, but the constant 24/7 cartoon channels are just too, too much.  Spawn’s brain is in a state of rot.  The kid doesn’t want to go outside and play in the snow (a signal that there is such a thing as too much snow) (as our friends on the East Coast well know by now) and there are no children in our neighborhood to play with.  The computer/Nintendo is only marginally better in terms of staving off the boredom. 

Stir-crazy kid + stir-crazy mama = meltdown city. 

This morning the kids went back to school, and Spawn, normally a complainer about such things, was dressed, bed made, teeth brushed, well over an hour before we had to leave.  That tells you something, right there. 

It’s bright and sunny outside, which is deceptive because it’s pretty darned cold, and the long range forecast is for more snow this weekend.  I am beginning to understand why some animals eat their young. 

— Mox


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