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Enough already.

Mox here, to complain about the weather again. 

This is what I awoke to this morning: 

Seriously, I just took this photo, while sitting at my dining room table/desk.

The official measurement at Casa Mox: 

onetwothreeFOUR inches!

Which I realize is nothing compared to what our friends on the eastern seaboard are coping with.  Unfortunately, it’s headed that way.  Sorry. 

I don’t know how we’d fare if we had to deal with this on a consistent basis.  We are not big fans of winter, and by “we” I mean “me” and “my husband.”   Every time it snows we start talking about moving south.  Of course it’s all just talk but it makes us feel better. 

Having grown up in the country, I can appreciate the fact that country roads can get rather dangerous in this kind of weather.  And it doesn’t even take a measureable snow to make things slickern’ snot.  So even just a little bit of snow makes the school district shut down, since running the buses on slick, snowy roads (many with no appreciable shoulder to speak of) is a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

What has happened to us, that we’re all afraid of a bunch of lawyers? 

Think of how much fun the kids would have if they could have outside recess in the snow!  Are kids less educated in Maine?  I think not. 

Yes, we’re just a bit stir-crazy here.  We’re at the point that even Spawn doesn’t want to go out in this stuff.  That is how I know we have reached the end of winter here, even if it hasn’t reached that point on its’ own.  We are DONE. 

Well, most of us are done. 

watching the birds divebomb the cat food outside

also, there are full birdfeeders to observe

do you MIND?

do you MIND???

 I, however, am gazing upon my blooming flowers and contemplating spring.  Because it cannot get here fast enough to suit me. 

phalenopsis.  likes the sunny bay window.

phalenopsis. likes the sunny bay window.


paperwhites. also fond of the sunny bay window. and fragrant.

I think I will camp out on that there couch, right there. and smell the flowers whilst I read the day away.

I am SO DONE, y’all. 



— Mox


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