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Under the weather.


Here we go AGAIN. 

Granted, we won’t get near the massive amounts of snow that my friends and family in Virginia are currently bracing for, but we’re due to get some, nonetheless.  At the outset it looks to only be a 2-incher round these parts, but dammit we just got all the stuff from last week melted. 

Damned groundhog. 

If I am going to be under the weather I would greatly prefer to be under 85° and sunny, with a side of beach.  I’m just saying. 

The only upside I can find to all of this is that it is forcing me to stay home and clean out my closets.  It’s embarrassing how much stuff we have.  But I made the ladies at St Vincent de Paul very happy today, because with weather like this no one brings in donations, and I brought them an SUV full this morning.  At least they had something to do the rest of the day.  I also shared some of our extra building materials (leftovers from past projects) with our local Habitat for Humanity store.  And I took two big boxes of clothes (mine and Spawn’s) to the consignment shop. 

This is known in some circles as Progress. 

It is known around here as Feeling Thin Even Though I’m Not. 

Of course if you could see my dining room you’d question this notion of progress, since I have every dining chair filled to the top with clothes I’m attempting to sell on eBay.  On the weekends my dining room doubles as a home office, and my dining room table fills the role of barely-large-enough desk surface.  On it is a stack of unopened mail, a box of Godiva chocolates, and the beginnings of my tax preparation.  Along with my laptop, of course. 

What I would not give for a house with an actual home office in it.  And a mudroom. 

I have the makings for soup and for chili and since we live in town we’re never far from a liquor store, so I guess we’re set for this latest cataclysm. 

— Mox


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