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I am seriously done.

With Tuesday evenings at the gym. 

I thought that maybe last week might have been something of an anomaly.  I was disabused of that notion last night. 

Our walking track is three lanes.  There are signs clearly posted all around the perimeter of the track that delineate the use of these lanes.  The outside lane is for joggers, runners, and faster walkers.  The two inner lanes are for walkers only. 

I bet you can guess what the scene was last night.

It’s hard to get a good groove walking when you’re having to dodge meanderers and others who can’t understand the signage.  And then you have the runners who are threading their way in and out of all the traffic, and you have to watch out for them, too. 

Not to mention those lovely but menacingly patient folks who stand around the weight machines, waiting for you to get your reps done and get going. 

It’s just too much humanity for me, y’all. 

— Mox


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