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Wrong number. Wrong.

So yesterday while I was home with the Most Bored Kid Ever, my phone rang. 

“Susan?” said the woman on the other end. 

“You’ve got the wrong number.” 

“Are you sure?” 

What? Am I sure that my name is not Susan?  Yeah.  I’m sure. 

“Is Nathan there?” 

“Nobody here by that name, sorry.” 

“Who IS this?” 

“This is the Mox Residence.” 

“Mox residence?  Huh.”

“What number did they give you?”

“This number came up on my caller ID.” 

“Well, no one from here called you.” 

“Do you have a son named Nathan?” 

Look, lady.  Not only do I not have a son named Nathan, I am starting to take issue with your 3rd degree.  You’ve. got. the. wrong. number.


We do not have caller ID, but occasions such as this makes me reconsider.  I get some of the strangest phone calls.  The ones that I really love are the ones who call me at Zero Dark Thirty asking for Kayla.  Apparently Kayla doesn’t want some of these guys to have her number so she gives them mine.  Half asleep, Mox is not friendly, and not exactly too mindful of her tongue.  Especially when some of these morons call multiple times. 

And we have an unlisted number. 

The reason we have an unlisted number is because we don’t want morons calling us.  It’s a holdover from my husband’s days as a rent-to-own manager.  Boy, the people who used to call back in those days.  Yikes.  The gene pool is shallow. 

I don’t particularly enjoy talking on the phone, anyway, but we keep a land line because we live in something of a dead zone for our cell service, and my husband needs to fax things from home periodically.  Mostly I let the answering machine pick up, though there are times I will answer, generally in the middle of the night or at times when I think my parents might be calling me.  Because in this day and age of aging parents and aunts and uncles, you never know. 

I may be getting caller ID if this nonsense keeps up. 

— Mox


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