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So last night I went to the gym while Spawn was in art class.  My goal was to warm up for a mile on the walking track and then spend some quality time with the machines, in order to reacquaint myself with my lost abs. 

Couple of things wrong with this plan.  First of all, going on a Tuesday evening is like going to a family reunion, there are so many people there.  The walking track was full, and I do mean full, of resolutioners and they were just sort of meandering all over the place.  Look, I know it’s the dead of winter and it’s dark outside, but if you’re going to walk and talk, you need to pull it on over and let the serious burners get by.  Second, trying to move from machine to machine is damn near impossible when people are resting on machines, even though there are big signs all over the place saying “don’t rest on the machines.”  If you want to visit with your neighbor, there’s the lobby.  I want to get on, do my reps, and move on. 

Burning daylight, people.  Let’s get moving.  I’ve got less than an hour to get this done. 

Oh, I got my workout in, but not without a lot of irritation and gritted teeth. 

Y’know, I try to be considerate of others.  Mostly I’m successful, but mostly I’m also human and I fail.  But I get really irritated when it seems like the Rest of Humanity is pretty much focused on what’s going on in their own little realm.  Whatever happened to the concept of consideration? 

This is why I try to do my workout in the mornings. 

— Mox

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