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Spawn has been reading to a dog. 

This is not anything new in educational circles, using dogs as reading “teachers.”  It’s something that works with struggling readers because it helps to build their confidence, and from confidence comes competency. 

My best friend Eileen, she of the awesomeness, has such a dog.  A yellow Labrador showed up at her house in the country one day (as dogs are wont to do in the country) and became a member of her wolfpack.  Why people feel the need to dump animals in the country, I will never understand, but that’s another post for another day.  But the dog had an even temperament and a need to snuggle, and if you’ve ever snuggled with a large dog you know how that feels. 

I hit upon the idea of Spawn reading to an animal when I caught the kid reading to one of our cats.  Cats are not so good as therapy animals, at least from the standpoint of sitting still and listening.  I mentioned this to Eileen and she immediately thought of her yellow lab and offered his services to us.  So every Saturday morning Eileen brings the dog to my parents’ house (where there are no cats) and they sit and read together. 

Is it working?  I think so.  Spawn has been positively thrilled to get a little one-on-one fur time, and has been attempting more independent reading as of late.  I encourage this, of course, though I will miss the days where “read me a story” is part of our bedtime routine. 

This is something I would love to pursue further but I don’t know how it’s possible to make any money at it, and at this point I need to make some money. 


— Mox

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