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The joys of growing older, y’all. 

I think I have finally solved the mystery of my aching hips and legs, which wake me up at night.  The answer is tequila. 

Stay with me here.  I’ll explain. 

Back when I was pregnant with Spawn I used to wake up in the middle of the night with (among other things) a strong desire to get up and walk around the house.  The reason for this was achy hips and legs, which only felt better if I moved them around.  I chalked it up to the various and sundry mysteries of pregnancy and got on with my life. 

Except, after I was done with being pregnant, and done with being up half the night, and done with just not sleeping more than 4 hours at a stretch, I was still having this problem. 

One of the great enlightenments of growing a bit older is that everything in your body is interconnected.  Sure, most of us get up with a crick in our necks once in a while, which is a result of poor sleeping posture or not letting go of  stress at night, and we don’t really give too much thought to it.  But growing older, see, your defense mechanisms get a little thinner.  This is why little old ladies don’t drink caffeinated coffee at night.  They know, of course, that caffeine will keep them from sleeping. 

You grow into this sort of knowledge.  Back a couple of years ago, when I was 17 pounds thinner  (gah) and living a lifestyle that could be described as “healthy” I was a little more in tune with how I felt on a day-to-day basis.  If I overindulged in sugar or caffeine or… booze… I knew where my crappy feeling came from.  But in the couple of years since I fell away from that sort of living, I’ve gotten lax about listening to my body. 

So this morning, when my achy breaky legs and hips woke me up just before my alarm went off, I started listening again.  I mentally listed everything I ate and drank the night before and compared it to how I felt and what I ate and drank a few days before that.  Outside of probably taking in too much sugar the only other thing I could put my finger on was the margarita that I had with dinner. 

Now that the weather has cooled I am not so much into drinking margaritas — to me they’re a on-the-patio kind of beverage — but I had one last night with dinner, and the conclusion I came to was it was either the tequila or the salt around the rim.  Probably it had more to do with the salt than anything else, because wow there was a lot of salt on that rim and I licked every bit of it off, but that in combo with the tequila didn’t do me any favors. 

This is what I’m thinking at the moment.  No margaritas are planned for this evening, so if I wake up with the aches again tonight I’ll scrap that idea and embrace the Quervo. 


— Mox

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