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Stupid little annoyances.

With the state of the world today, it seems almost absurd to complain about stupid little things that annoy me.  But I’m just as human as anybody else, and the stuff that bugs me is the stuff that bugs me, and I own those feelings. 

Case in point:  people who cannot maneuver their vehicle into a single parking space. 

I work in an office building that has 18 floors.  We have a parking garage.  In the span of time since my office moved into the building, I’ve watched the parking garage fill up with new tenants, to the point that I am usually unable to find a parking space on the coveted second floor of the garage, where there is a handicap-accessible entry door to enter the building.  I like this door because I usually have my hands full in the morning and can press the button to open the door with my elbow.  The door stays open a good long time, too, so I can roll my laptop case through it without the door shutting on it. 

This morning I managed to get to the building early enough that there were still a few spots available on the second floor. 

On my way in to the building, I noticed that someone had taken up two parking spaces with their vehicle.  It was a vehicle I recognized, having engaged in a bit of passive-aggressive battle with the driver in the past over parking-space space. 

You see, the vehicle is a humongous Chevy Suburban.  The tiny little woman who drives it cannot park it to save her soul. 

For one thing, she always backs in to a spot.  Obviously she needs remedial lessons on backing.  Ordinarily when she backs in she’s right on the line — and I mean the tires are right on the line — and having had my car sitting in a parking space that she’s backed in next to, I can tell you, it’s a hair’s breadth close.  I keep waiting for her to back in next to me one day and rip off the side of my car. 

In every community-style situation, there are certain members of the community who annoy the holy living crap out of everybody else by just existing in their own unique way.  This woman gets on my every last nerve with her mad parking skillz. 

I actually considered writing a note and leaving it on her windshield.  I even looked around in my car for a piece of paper. 

I realize it’s an irrational reaction, this reaction I have to the way a total stranger parks her car.  But have the sense that God gave you; if you can’t park that big behemoth of a vehicle, maybe you should consider something a bit smaller. 

I know this makes me sound like a malcontent, and maybe I am, but this morning it was raining and 45 degrees and I am easily aggrieved today. 


— Mox

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