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Last night I attended a seminar/talk about nutrition for kids with learning disabilities.  Any time you attend such a gathering, you have to go in with both an open mind and a grain of salt.  Because anything said by anyone on such a subject tends to sound slightly woo-woo. 

I don’t necessarily march in lockstep with the traditional medical community, though I realize and appreciate that most people in the field have worked very hard to get where they are.  I recognize that there is a whole lot of information to absorb and assimilate when it comes to the topic of the human body and its’ functions.  I don’t necessarily believe, however, that traditional medicine is the apex of all we should trust when it comes to our health. 

Not surprisingly, I am one of those slightly woo-woo people who tries her damnedest to not take a whole lot of medication. 

I also tend to think that every problem we experience, physiologically and mentally/emotionally, has an underlying cause.  It makes sense to me to root out that cause rather than just treat the symptoms. 

So yeah.  I went to this meeting to see what the lady had to say about nutrition and the ADHD/LD brain. 

Within the first ten minutes after she opened her mouth, I was wildly thinking that we needed to move, to leave this tainted environment and go someplace more organic… though I don’t know where that might be since the world as a whole seems to be pretty polluted.  And the lady also had plenty to say about vaccines, too.  Which got me a little edgy thinking about getting a flu shot. 

People who look at the world in such a way, who have this alarmist cadence in their voice when they start to warm to such a subject, well, they tend to sound a bit like conspiracy theorists. 

I don’t go around thinking that the world is a great big conspiracy, but I don’t trust a lot of things, either. 

I do think that nutrition plays a role in how the ADHD/LD brain operates.  For that reason I try to limit the junk stuff that Spawn consumes, realizing that if I banned junk food altogether that would come back to bite me at some point in the (teenage) future. And I’ve got a kid who likes very few things, food-wise.  Sometimes it’s more productive to give in to the PopTart. 

What do I believe?  I believe in my gut, and trusting it.  I believe that traditional Western medicine doesn’t have all the answers.  I believe that we have to take responsibility for ourselves.  And I believe that I need to listen to what others have to say about alternatives, whether or not I choose to ultimately accept them. 

I still have quite a lot of days where I look skyward and ask “why me?” but I’ve accepted that maybe the situation I’m in exists because I need to learn something from it. 


— Mox

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