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Our annual pilgrimage to points south is a mere 10 days away (!) and already my mind has made the journey. 

It’s hard to say at this point what I am looking forward to the most.  No work?  No school?  No homework?  No alarm clock?  The mind boggles. 

This year we decided it was time to take Spawn to Disney, before the magic of the Magic Kingdom lost some of its’ luster.  We figure that at 8 years old, Spawn’s living on borrowed time for all things magical, like Santa and the Tooth Fairy and Cinderella.  Better get the kid to The Happiest Place on Earth while its’ myriad charms still hold. 

Only, it’s too late for that, it would seem. 

We’re taking a young relative along this time, so that Spawn will have someone close in age to bury in the sand at the beach and play games with, thus relieving my husband and me of the task of Constant Entertainment.  So, in order to make sure everyone has a good time, I’ve been online planning and looking over stuff.  When I showed Spawn the website for Disney, the kid was nonplussed.  Disdainful, even.  Could it be that the kid has already outgrown Disney? 

I do believe so. 

To be sure, we’ve never been big on the whole Disney Machine around our house.  That’s probably because the whole Disney Princess franchise gives me the hives, and Mickey Mouse never did interest me, even as a kid.  We just never did push it.  And Spawn has an adult-like distrust of just about anything animated or dialogue spoken in that namby-pamby singsong tone.  Disney just does not interest the kid at all

Oh, but there’s Sea World.  Now THAT’S something else entirely.  An amusement park coupled with animal attractions is precisely the thing to make life complete, as far as Spawn’s concerned. 

So I’ve made the rental car reservations and ordered the tickets online and Shamu here we come. 

Already I’m anticipating a fair amount of beach time, lots of seafood, and sleeping as late as I can stand it.  I just have to somehow reconcile myself to the next ten days of drudgery. 


— Mox

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