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Some days I get out of bed knowing exactly what I’m going to post here.  Today is one of those days. 

I am not by nature a dreamer.  Or, I should clarify — not a sleeping dreamer.  I go to bed and I go to sleep and I sleep like the dead for however many hours my alarm clock allows.  This is a family trait, as my dad and all of his siblings are equally somnolent.  Champion sleepers, the lot of us.  So it’s rare that my brain ever registers the dreams it concocts. 

Which makes it all the more interesting when I manage to hang on to the fragments of a dream. 

Last night/this morning I was able to drag the memory of a dream into the daylight and examine it for a bit.  In my dream I was sitting with my high school sweetheart, and I was feeling those feelings of love that I had for him.  The troublesome part is, other parts of my brain were telling me that I was a married woman.  (Damn those brain cells of logic and reasoning.)  And yet my dream self seemed to hold some knowledge of my having some Biblical knowledge of my sweetheart, which in real life never happened.  In short, I was in an illusory moral dilemma. 

I can’t even tell you why he popped up in my dream, as I haven’t thought of him in ages.  Ordinarily if I remember a dream it’s because I’ve expended some brain power on the subject at hand.  People and events are often in the shadows in my dreams, sometimes like the chorus in Sophocles’ plays.  But my old flame wasn’t merely a bit player in my dream, he was the main event. 

Wonder what that means. 


— Mox

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