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The last rose of summer.

Way back in my junior high days, my first boyfriend admitted to me that he remembered my birthday because it was also the first day of dove season.  On some level that repulsed me, though I realized then (as I still do now) that hunting seasons exist to help keep game populations in check.  I am, however, not a hunting person.  I don’t like guns, I don’t see the sense in tromping around in the fields at o’dark thirty, and I especially have no desire to dress and prepare game.  I am also not a fan of game meat. 

Guess it’s a good thing I married a city boy. 

But the fact of the matter is, in a lot of areas of the country, dove season opens on September 1, and every year on that day I get out of bed and wish my little neighborhood doves a pleasant good morning, because I live in town and they are safe there. 

September 1 also heralds the last three weeks of the season of summer.  We’re sliding down that slope into fall, and beyond that, winter, and y’all know how I feel about winter. 

Around here we’ve still got several weeks of nice weather, though this summer has been a bit cooler and wetter than what we’re used to.  I like a change in the weather from time to time, but my default preference is hot and sunny, and preferably next to a pool with a good book.  The last day at our public pool will be next Monday, and then we begin our countdown to the beach. 

I’m always a little sad to see September arrive, because of what it signifies — the tamping down of free and easy attitudes for another season, the shuttering of summertime businesses, and another number added onto my age.  I do appreciate, however, that I escaped having a pale green gemstone for my birthstone. 


— Mox

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