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Those of you who have been here for any length of time might remember that we are flush with cats at the Mox household.  Sometime earlier in the year one went missing and we were down to six from our height of seven, and I was okay with that. 

Seems we’re back up to seven now. 

Last night as Spawn and I were returning from our after-dinner walk (termed loosely because we spent more time visiting with people who pulled over to talk to us than we did walking) (the perils of living in a small town, I guess), what should run to greet us but a kitten. 

I am fervently hoping that this kitten belongs to one of my neighbors, since it’s very friendly and loving.  When approached, it fell over and commenced to purring.  Definitely not the tactics of a feral cat, this one has been around humans and knows what we’re for.  Namely, to cuddle and to feed. 

To answer the obvious question:  well, yes, we picked it up and loved on it.  And we gave it something to eat. 

And yes, it was waiting at the back door for breakfast this morning. 

Yes, Spawn has already decided on a name. 

Apparently we are at the portal of a great cat migration, and all cats within 25 miles know to come to our house.  How they communicate this information, I do not know.  I do not speak Cat. 

I have declared a moratorium on additional cats in the house.  If we are to ever have a semblance of control around here we have to draw the line somewhere. 


— Mox

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