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Yesterday the Mox family took a much-ballyhooed trip to a local amusement/water park, ahead of the crushing holiday weekend crowd. 

The last time we took Spawn to this park the kid was only six.  I was a pretty nervous nanny at that point, because at six Spawn was a slight little sliver of a thing, and those water rides and roller coasters seemed to me to be giant gaping maws of mangulation.  But Spawn at six was game for just about anything, and a good time was had by all, despite my having declared a personal moratorium on roller coasters.  Label me a sissy if you must, but age and reason have conspired to keep my easily misaligned spine from any sort of herky-jerky rides. 

The thing I loved about Spawn at six was the kid’s willingness to try anything.  And believe me, we put it to the test that day, taking the kid onto rides at the water park that began hundreds of feet in the air and swirled through darkened tunnels before splashing into the drink.  Spawn also began a personal quest that day, to ride all the roller coasters in the park.  On the first one the kid ever rode, which arguably was the biggest in the park (go big or go home, apparently), Spawn insisted on waiting until the front car was available, because “that’s the best seat.”  O…kay.  And then proceeded to ride it like a pro, hands in the air.  And yea verily, it was declared “awesome!”

We didn’t make it to the park last summer because schedules and budgets conspired against us, so my husband and I made it a point to put it on our schedule this summer.  After all, Spawn had to mark that last roller coaster off the list. 

While Spawn’s excitement was palpable yesterday, once we got into the water park and hit that first couple of rides, I felt a bit of change in the kid.  It seemed as if the kid was hesitant.  Gone was the bravado.  We spent the first half of the day on the water and the latter half in the amusement park, so that Spawn could ride the roller coaster.  Once that was out of the way, the kid was pretty much ready to hit the trail for home.  Ordinarily we’d the the ones dragging our child out of a place like the amusement park; yesterday our day ended without so much as a small protest. 

I’ve watched Spawn grow more cautious with age, believing that such a thing would be good, and to some extent relieve me of having to put myself between my child and danger.  But with an abundance of caution has come a loss of spunk, and having become accustomed to dealing with the spunk, I find myself a bit lost. 

We left the park tired, hungry, and sunburned, and with a feeling like we hadn’t wrung the fun out of every possible moment of our day.  That something felt, to me, like disappointment. 


— Mox


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