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Oy.  What a week. 

My mother and I came to an uneasy truce.  Or rather, I decided to not bring it up again and went forward as if nothing happened. 

The rest of the week was a blur of daycamp.  Spawn is signed up for six weeks’ worth of daycamps, which take place in the city I work in, and that means I’ve been bringing the kid with me to work every day.  An hour in the morning, and half an hour in the afternoon, the kid is with me in the office.  I can see a marked change in Spawn’s behavior since starting the new medication, and thank goodness for that, because the result is a kid that I mostly enjoy being around.  I was extremely dubious of this new medication, since it’s a controlled substance, but so far, so good. 

The weekend brought family into town for a wedding.  Even though I am an only child, I am fortunate enough to have a large extended family.  I think the reason I’ve never really missed having siblings is because I have my cousins.  There are 24 of us grandkids, my cousins, and most of us are married and have kids of our own.  Family get-togethers are raucous affairs, to say the least.  And a gathering of my family for a joyous occasion such as a wedding just makes the decibels go up. 

We are a drinking family, to be sure.  While a few of us have demons in that department, for the most part it’s momma’s milk for us.  Give us a wedding reception with an open bar and stand back.  It’s quite the spectacle, particularly if there is a dance floor. 

The older I get the more I cherish these times with my family.  We all realize that if we don’t make a point of getting together periodically, our busy lives will separate us to the point that we are related strangers.  So when we do get together, the stories flow.  New stories are made, to be retold later.  And because Spawn is also an only child, I find it gratifying that the kid will know the gene pool that we swim in, on a personal level.  I particularly love the fact that Spawn is getting to know great-aunts and great-uncles before everyone gets too old and senile. 

After a weekend spent in the bosom of my family, I am always so very grateful that I have the type of family that I do.  I am also usually slightly hung-over. 

Life is good. 



— Mox

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