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On my list of life goals, among other things, is to build a collection of original art. 

Art is a funny thing.  For most people it’s personal.  Personally, I’m not crazy about portraits or still lifes of flowers, and there’s precious little that I care for in abstracts, though I have seen good examples of each and would consider owning them. 

Mostly, I just like what I like. 

My problem is, I have expensive taste.  Not Sotheby’s expensive, but more along the lines of “that costs as much as my house payment” sort of expensive.  So it’s been hard to even start a collection.  But at Christmastime my mother gave me an original painting of an artist I’ve long admired, and because he is her neighbor and a really nice guy to boot, he cut her a deal.  He’s one of the few artists I know of who is making a living with his art. 

christmas 2008 039

Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but this painting cost more along the lines of my utility payment. 

I frequent an art gallery near my office and from time to time find an artist whose work appeals to me.  I found one just the other day, and wow is she talented with watercolors.  And true to my expensive taste, one painting of hers that I really like costs nearly as much as my car. 


Yeah.  Don’t think I’ll be buying that.  But trust me, it’s gorgeous in person.  The detail is incredible. 

My quest for a personal collection of original art is going to take quite a while, I think. 


— Mox

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