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Conversation in the Irish pub last Friday night: 

Friend:  Man, I’m getting where I can’t see my watch anymore.  Or my cellphone screen. 

Me:  Get yourself some reader glasses. 

Friend:  I’ve never had glasses. 

Me:  No, the magnifiers you get at the drugstore.  You can see little stuff better with them. 

Friend:  Huh.  No kidding. 

Me:  I’ve got several pairs. 

My husband:  Yeah, I was working on my laptop the other day and I had to sit way back from the screen.  I looked really relaxed, leaning back in my chair like that. 

Me:  I’m not quite there yet. 

My husband:  I’m getting bifocals.  I’m so excited! 

Friend:  (chuckles)

Me:  (chuckles)

My husband:  (chuckles) 



— Mox

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