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I’m a penny picker-upper.  Always have been. 

A lot of people won’t bother to stoop down and pick up a penny from the sidewalk.  “It’s just a penny,” they’ll say.  But I maintain that if you do that 100 times, you have a dollar.  And most people will stoop down to pick up a dollar.  Also, if I do it 100 times that means I’ve touched my toes 100 times.  Not exactly sit-ups, but I’m of the opinion you take your exercise whenever/wherever you can get it. 

People are pretty cavalier about pennies, I’ve noticed.  Those little “leave a penny, take a penny” jars next to most cash registers really get me.  If I’m paying for something and get change back in the amount of a few pennies, by golly I’m putting those pennies back in my pocket.  The implication of those jars, to me, is that people aren’t responsible enough to carry their own change. 

Yet others are — dare I say it — superstitious about picking up pennies.  Some will pick up a head’s up penny because it’s good luck but will leave a tail’s up penny lie there because it’s bad luck.  I hate to tell you this, but you make your own luck.  Good things and bad things happen to saints and sinners alike, folks.  Terming such things “luck” tends to release one from responsibility, and if you want to abdicate responsibility for yourself that’s your business.  Me, when I screw up I own it and when happy things come my way they’re made all the more enjoyable because they’re not “lucky.”

Yesterday I stopped at Walmart for a run-in and as soon as I walked around my car, I saw two brand-new, shiny pennies lying on the pavement, winking in the late afternoon sun.  I scooped them up and held them in my hand, careful to keep their positions exactly as I had found them.  When I got inside I looked at them — one penny was head’s up and one was tail’s up.  Whatever “luck” there was in one penny would have been negated by the other, should I believe in such nonsense, but as it stood I was 2¢ richer. 

And that, my friends, is my 2¢ worth for today. 


— Mox

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