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From the “win some, lose some” department: 

Quite possibly the highlight of my day is that the recycling guy finally took the large kitty litter tub that’s been sitting in my bin for the past three cycles.  It’s taken him six weeks, but by god I’ve worn him down.  Victory is mine! 

From the “when worlds collide” department: 

On the other hand, and totally unrelated, my inlaws are now on Facebook.  While I wouldn’t characterize my relationship with them as “love-hate” I would certainly describe it as “tolerate” and that’s more on my side than it is theirs.  Because I don’t think they really give me a whole lot of thought, and during our times together I grin and bear it.  “It” being whatever nonsense they’re spewing at the moment.  Fine people, to be sure, just not my people. 

From the “are you freaking kidding me, snow?!” department: 

Around here, the change of seasons tends to jump the gun a bit.  Summerlike weather is usually here far in advance of the first “official” day of summer, and wintry weather grasps us long before the winter solstice.  The only exception to this, of course, is spring.  And I say “of course” because it only stands to reason that the one season I look to with great anticipation is more often than not a series of false starts.  How I would love to have spring come in advance of the vernal equinox!  But no.  We’ll have a spate of warm(ish) days and then get knocked back down into winter all in the span of one week.  Like this week, for instance.  A little taste of spring is all I need to really start to feel good again, to feel tall and thin and awake, and then to be yanked back into hibernating weather is just an injustice. 

From the “looking foward and not back” department: 

One more “official” week of winter.  Bring it. 


— Mox

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