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My burgeoning interest in this great social experiment known as Facebook has shown to me that none of us are ever too far from high school. 

At least, I’m not. 

I graduated from an enormous high school.  Even though I live in Podunk Central, our high school is one of the largest in the state, mainly because we have only one high school to serve the entire county.  It’s long been a bone of contention, the argument that one school serves all equally well.  But that’s a whole other post. 

There were 527 kids in my graduating class.  Because I had no talent for sports, couldn’t turn a cartwheel, was tone deaf, and otherwise had no outstanding features other than being a real straight-arrow, I resided somewhere in the middle of the senior class student body.  Obviously I wasn’t headed to college on a scholarship of any sort, academic or athletic, and I wasn’t headed to vocational school because I had no aptitude for it.  I just surfed along in the middle.  I had my collection of friends, and they were neither the class stars nor the dropouts. 

What I have discovered is that this location in the high school caste system is not actually too bad of a place to have been.  I haven’t had to overcome too many perceptions of me based upon my stupid 18-year-old self.  No one hated me for being pretty or popular or smart, because I was none of those things.  At the time it was painful, but in hindsight I think I did okay. 

I haven’t been to a class reunion since my tenth-year one, and don’t intend to darken the door of another one, ever.  (Ever!)  Facebook has put me back in contact with people who have remembered me in a good way, even though we weren’t necessarily friends back in the day.  But inside I am still 18 and I have been hesitant to friend some people because unlike me, they were pretty or popular or smart, and didn’t have much to do with me back then.  It’s been a knee-jerk reaction for me on responding to some of their friend requests, and what that’s shown me is that I really haven’t grown up all that much.  And, I suspect, a lot of other people haven’t either. 

Do we ever really let go of high school?  Is that where some people peak?  Is it the impetus for others to move on and do well, to bloom late?  And just what have I done?  Peak or bloom late? 



— Mox

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