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Friday is my mother’s 70th birthday. 

Although she is on record saying that she prefers to just be told “happy birthday” rather than get gifts, I know better than to be empty handed on her day.  One does not ignore one’s mother’s birthday, if one is smart. 

Except, she is quite possibly the hardest person on earth to buy a gift for. 

Clothes?  No.  She usually ends up taking them back.  Home decor?  She’s in the midst of purging right now.  Flowers?  Appreciated, but eventually a bother when they die and shed leaves and petals everywhere.  Jewelry?  Ha.  As if I have that kind of money, and she would put it up for “special occasions” and never wear it. 

And of course she really doesn’t “want” anything, which also makes it hard.  The things I know that she would truly love are so far out of my reach that it isn’t funny. 

So tell me, what does one get for one’s mother for her 70th birthday?  I’m stumped. 


— Mox

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