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Valentines Day. 

Can’t stand it. 

I’m probably going to get branded as a traitor by the other members of my gender for coming down as anti-Cupid, but Valentines Day to me is just a bunch of hooey.  Slick, overwrought, mass-produced, cloying hooey. 

Naturally, my husband thinks this is hot. 

I mean, how lucky could a man get, to get me as his wife?  The one woman in all of humanity that is not hanging her self-worth onto a crummy retailer-driven holiday.  It boggles the mind. 

I’m of the same notion about Valentines Day as I am about Halloween — leave it to the kids. 

Spawn came home last week with an assignment from the teacher:  make a Valentine box out of an old shoebox/tissue box/etc. to show how materials can be recycled for other uses.  Man, I was ALL OVER THAT.  I have been waiting since the day Spawn was born to make a Valentines shoebox and I have been saving a shoebox for just such a project.  The whole recycling thing was just a bonus as far as I was concerned.  And on Friday,the kids will pass out their little fold-over Valentines and candies and be just a little bit grossed out at the thought of (shudder) kissing someone of the opposite sex, and all will be right with the world. 

This is, in my opinion, as it should be. 

The kids get a big kick out of cutting out paper hearts and googly eyes and gluing stuff to a shoebox.  They like to get the little packs of Smarties or those god-awful conversation hearts.  And most kids will even use their considerable talent for mushiness to make a Valentine for their mom. 

I’m good with that.  Kids and Valentines Day just kinda works for me. 

It’s when the adults get involved that ruins it for me.  My husband and I are not great romantics, which is the dynamic that suits us, and so the sappy, soppy cards they have at the Hallmark store just don’t cut it for us.  It seems just a bit too contrived, and if I needed the retail machine to force my husband to make a declarative statement about his feelings for me, then our situation would be pretty sad indeed.  I would actually get a little upset if my husband were to pay VDay prices for flowers. 

I will, however, accept chocolate.  But only the good stuff.  And frankly, I’d take chocolate any day of the year. 


— Mox

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