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It seems I am always running behind.  Not late, mind you.  I’m rarely late, mostly because I despise being late and will drive like hell to avoid it.  But I’m running behind a lot. 

The main reason I’m behind is because I have this illness, called Just One More Thing Syndrome.  This is how it goes:  I’m getting ready to leave for work and I have my laptop bag and purse set out by the door.  But oh, I want to be sure to stop at the gas station for a cup of coffee, so I need to get my commuter cup out of the dishwasher.  And since the dishwasher is now open, I can just go ahead and put away these dishes.  But yikes, now it’s getting lateish, so I grab my stuff and head out the door.  I get in the car and I realize that today is grocery day, and my list is still tacked up on the fridge, so I go back in the house and get my list.  I actually get down the driveway this time before I remember that I also had some coupons tacked up on the fridge.  And so on.  Sometimes I make it down the street and have to drive around the block and come back for something. 

My husband has wondered aloud what the over/under is in our neighborhood for how many times I come back to the house before I leave for good. 

I can’t help it.  I’ve got a lot of shit to keep straight. 

I suppose the remedy for this is to be ultra-super organized.  Or to do less.  Not sure at this point which would be better, or easier.  The temptation is to do less, and that would be my preference.  But doing less means someone else would have to pick up the slack, and frankly I don’t think I want to have to entrust my husband with the awesome responsibility of making sure we have toilet paper in supply.  Some things are just too important to let slide. 

Actually, I think I might be more efficient if I did more.  You know the old adage, if you want something to get done give it to a busy person.  Except I think I’m pretty busy.  You don’t get to be a married single mother and not have a certain level of busy in your life. 

Maybe I could just run away from home.  Yeah, that’s it. 


— Mox

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