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As bad as the weather was yesterday, Spawn and I managed to keep ourselves entertained for most of our captivity.  Though my plans to clean out the pantry were by necessity scrapped once I learned that my outside trash can was both frozen to the ground and also frozen shut.  I also learned that Spawn is capable of wicked trickery during a game of Uno. 

The freezing rain did not let up all day.  And I do mean ALL DAY.  I can’t tell you how much ice there is, there’s so much.  And even though I was bone-tired when I lay down for the evening, I did not get much sleep because of the constant sound of trees and power lines coming down.  Electrical transformers arced and sparked and lit up the night sky for the largest part of the evening.  I don’t know by what miracle we managed to keep our electricity, but we never did lose power. 

And then, it snowed. 

This car has not moved in two days.

This car has not moved in two days.

The unfortunate thing about the snow on top of the ice is that it looks very inviting if you are eight years old.  However, as the mother of someone who is eight years old, as much as I would love to send the kid out into the tundra to work off the insane amount of energy that’s been pent up, I also realize that ice+trees+power lines = not safe. 
Part of these branches are also resting on the roof of my house.

Part of these branches are also resting on the roof of my house.

My parents are stranded at their home out in the county, with no electricity and no phone.  And since they don’t have any power, they can’t use the garage door opener to open the garage and get the car out and make a foolhardy trek into town to come see, oh, me.  At least I know they won’t be getting out in this mess unless they absolutely have to. 
My husband, ever the brainiac, risked his ass and drove eight hours to get home, surprising me and Spawn.  While it is nice to have him where I can keep an eye on him, he’s also still got the flu and since I am germophobic I have quarantined him.  So there’s that. 
If you see a story on the national news about some woman finally succumbing to cabin fever and going on a rampage, chances are that will be me. 
— Mox

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