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So we’re out of school today. 

Y’all, it rained/sleeted/froze all night long last night.  Frankly I’d much rather have snow than all this ice, because with the ice comes the chance that the power lines will come down.  A Mox without electricity is a Mox coming unwound.  Ain’t pretty. 

Spawn is vegging out in front of the TV and drawing.  While I’d like to be the kind of mom who has lots of “rainy day” activities in my arsenal, the fact of the matter is, both of us are happier if we’re out of one another’s hair.  Such is the wiring of the only child. 

As for me, plans today include using up a couple of freckly bananas to make some banana bread, making spaghetti sauce in the crock pot, cleaning out my pantry, and the ubiquitous laundry.  I sure as hell am not going outside. 

Today is also my parent’s 47th anniversary.  In this day and age, managing to stay married for that many years is quite the accomplishment.  Because that’s a long time to live with someone and all their warts.  And my parents are just babes in the woods when you consider the other members of my extended family who have all surpassed the 50th anniversary mark.  I’ve had a very good and varied example set for me with regard to how to stay married a long time. 

Speaking of being married, my husband is iced in as well.  However, he’s iced in at a location some three hours from here, and also has the flu.  Which means he’s not coming home tonight.  Seems to me that might be a good thing, and a reason we’re still married. 


— Mox

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