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When worlds collide.

My cousin recently sucked me into joining Facebook. Which is okay considering that this has quickly become the best way for my large and extended family to keep up with one another.

And then, hey, I found some of my high school classmates on Facebook.

And wouldn’t you know, some of my sorority sisters.

Also, a large contingent of women from the message board I post to.

Plus some people I know from my career.

It’s a mishmash of people, and it’s a little disconcerting.

I’m a compartmentalizer.  I’m able to keep track of things better when they reside in their own specified areas, categorized in a system of logic that works for me and me only.  My husband calls this being weird, but he’s still here so maybe he likes me weird.  The bottom line is, my ability to keep like items together and my slavish need to maintain this system is probably something of a mental issue but it works for me. 

Where heretofore I have been able to keep the separate parts of my life, well, separate, all of a sudden I’ve got different groups all mingling together in one area.   And I’ve grown accustomed to finding certain people in certain places, so sometimes I’ll see someone on Facebook and it’ll take me a minute or two to figure out which pew they’re supposed to be in.  Not too comfortable with this blurring of the lines, is all I’m saying. 

And!  I was cruising through the “people you may know” tool to see if there were, indeed, people there I might know based on those who have friended me, and found that two of my friends are connected but don’t know it.  My cousin in Tennessee and a work friend each know the same person but don’t know each other.  I, however, have no idea who the person they have in common is.  It’s sort of Six Degrees, or maybe Five-and-a-Half Degrees. 

There’s a layer of complication here, too.  My cousins know me as a certain person.  My sorority sisters remember me in a specific way.  People I’ve worked with have not seen those particular sides of me.  My message board friends know me in the context of being Spawn’s mother.  And folks from high school just really don’t need to know some things.  Because when you get right down to it, we never really leave high school behind. 

Which is why I am not too anxious for those photos of me playing pass the bottle with my cousins to make the rounds in my other social circles.  Because jeez, you think you know someone….


— Mox

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