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This post is coming to you from the desktop computer in my study.  Wow, I need to clean this keyboard.  And possibly forbid people from eating at this desk.  Yick. 

You don’t really realize how dependent you’ve gotten on something until you are forced to give it up for a little while.  I took my laptop in for service this morning and came home to do my daily computering, and boy, there’s just no adapting to this.  I’m used to being free to roam about the place.  Instead I’m chained to the desk.  Fun. 

Speaking of fun, I went back to the gym this morning for the first time in two weeks.  Since my doctor had suggested I ease up on the aerobics and switch to the treadmill, I was more than happy to use that as an excuse to just not go.  But I also know that my not going is going to result in weight gain and (more) depression so I was going to have to go back sooner rather than later.  Of course the treadmills were all in use, so I walked the track, which is not good for my knee.  Oh here we go again. 

And then I went and got two Krispy Kremes and a cup of coffee.  Because I am all about being good to myself. 

The end. 


— Mox

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