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Another entry from the “hits just keep on coming” department: 

Oh, y’all.  I am blogging on borrowed time. 

I’ve got this laptop.  I’ve used it for the past five years.  And I am not kidding when I tell you that my LIFE is in this machine.  My email, my work files, my iTunes, my photos.  Everything I need and use on a mostly daily basis, lives on my laptop.  Without my laptop I am nonfunctioning. 

I don’t abuse my laptop.  Sure, it’s got some stuff loaded on it.  It’s gained a little weight here and there.  But I try to take care of it, take it into the computer shop once in a while for an oil change and tuneup, keep my antivirus software up-to-date, back up my files religiously.  (On Sunday mornings!  While I’m at church!  How’s that for “religiously”? Hee.) 

But here’s the thing — to me a computer is like a car.  You do the basic maintenance, gas it up, and get in it and go someplace.  I don’t understand how it works any more than I understand the nuances of the gas combustion engine.  Which is to say, I have a vague notion of how it works, but not really. 

So yesterday my CD/DVD drive ate a disc.  Took it, and refused to give it back.  It’s still in there, even as I type this.  I can’t get the drive door to open.  And now my computer is not recognizing that I even have a CD/DVD drive.  Which makes it all kinds of frustrating. 

It’s beyond my abilities to repair.  Which isn’t saying much, admittedly, but still.  I need professional help. 

I have a very real sense of implosion settling down on me with regard to my laptop.  I fear that this may be the first of many and increasingly spectacular failures, which will finally result in smoke, sparks, and a blank screen.  Which will in turn result in me flinging myself off a bridge. 

So I am off to see the wizard, to see if the Wiz can save it, and me, from The End.  Because right now the last thing I need is to have to go buy a new laptop.  And that’s not exactly something I can sit on my hands and wait about, since I make my living with my computer. 

And I am telling you this, Gentle Reader, in the case that I disappear from here, so that you will not fret.  Or hey, you may find it to be a welcome break from my litany of gloom and doom and winter-hateyness. 

Maybe I will just go read a book. 


— Mox

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