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Still believing.

This may be my last year to really play up the whole Santa thing with Spawn, but right now the kid still believes.  Of course Spawn has no older siblings to spoil the magic/mystery, and if there has been any playground discussion about it I haven’t heard it.  I personally believed until I was in 4th grade, and I remember distinctly the big debate that took place out on the playground during one recess.  I never said anything to my parents about not believing, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to not believe anymore, and besides, I was afraid the gravy train of gifts would cease. 

We have a little helper in this elaborate scenario — Jerry.  Jerry is a little cloth elf that came with a storybook.  The story tells of how Santa sends his elves out to homes all around the world to keep an eye on good boys and girls, and then they report back to the Big Guy on Christmas Eve.  There are some basic rules to this scenario.  When the elf arrives at your home you have to give it a name.  You cannot touch the elf or he will lose his magic and not be able to return to Santa.  And you can talk to the elf and tell him all sorts of things you want him to relay to Santa. 

Jerry came to our house last year for Christmas, and my husband and I had a wonderful time finding creative places to put him every night so that Spawn would find him the next morning.  For some inexplicable reason Spawn named him Jerry.  We are probably the only household in the world with an elf named Jerry. 

I got Jerry out this year and set him up, wondering if this would be the year that Spawn would say, “that’s just a doll.”  But Spawn was tickled pink to find Jerry peering down on us from above the kitchen cabinets, and every morning there is a hunt to see where Jerry has set off to the night before.  And Spawn talks to Jerry.  So now I know what to get the kid for Christmas. 

I  hope that Spawn continues to believe again next year. 


— Mox

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