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Home again jiggity jog


This time last week I was sitting in the sand staring off into the horizon at the Gulf of Mexico.  Oh how fast the days go.

There is something about a vacation, if it’s a good one, that makes you want to chuck your old life and start over.  The inherent danger, of course, comes in hanging around a bunch of retirees all week and sort of not realizing that chucking it all and starting over requires financial backing of some kind.  Which, if you’re still feeding into your retirement accounts, will take some time. 

The nice thing, however, about hanging out with a bunch of retirees is that the 40-something you looks really good in a swimsuit, by comparison. 

I think I have solved the age-old question of freckles vs. age spots, though.  On me, they’re freckles. 


— Mox

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